Maiden Bradley with Yarnfield Parish Council
Maiden Bradley with Yarnfield Parish Council

Are you worried about the speed of traffic in your Village?
Do you want to do something about it join the Parish Community Speed Watch Team


Excessive speed through the village is one of the most common issues raised within the community. It can not only on impact on road safety but also the quality of life for those residents that have to endure it.

Community Speed Watch is a scheme with volunteers to help people reduce traffic speeding through their neighbourhood.
It  raises awareness of the dangers of speeding and trys to help manage the problem locally.
It also seeks to promote safer driving in the communities by educating rather than prosecuting.

The information collected by Community Speed Watch groups is passed back to Wiltshire Police who may undertake speed checks.
This could result in drivers being prosecuted.


Community Speed Watch requires a group of at least 3 trained volunteers to operate.

Having registered as a volunteer you will be offered a training course run by Wiltshire Police.
The course covers the use of the equipment, training in conflict resolution etc.


The volunteers will then run the session noting the date, time, colour, make, model and registration number of any vehicles exceeding the speed limit.
This information will then be forwarded to the Police.

They will arrange for the registered keeper of the vehicle to be written to, informing them that the vehicle was detected exceeding the speed limit, giving the location, date and time. Persistent speeders will receive a second letter but on the third occasion they can expect further action to be taken by the police.


Interested? Then contact:-

If you are interested in becoming a Speed Watch Volunteer visit: or email the Clerk at or contact your local Councillor Simon Wager


The areas covered by the Teams are listed below:


Frome Road Lay by by Houses/Bus stop in Church Street depending on direction  monitored


The entrance to Old Estate Yard Church Street facing both ways


By Church Entrance, Church Street facing both ways


High Street by the parking area fcing both ways


Kingston Lane/ Back Lane facing all three directions



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