News:FOOTPATH MAINTENANCE GROUP     The first meeting of the Maiden Bradley volunteer footpath maintenance group is on the 29th February at 1030.   If you have an interest in walking and would like to help maintain the existing footpath network around Maiden Bradley, and perhaps even to improve and expand it, please come along to the meeting!   It will be at 86, Frome Road, and for further details contact Ian Ferguson on 01985 844310.

Maiden Bradley with Yarnfield Parish Council
Maiden Bradley with Yarnfield Parish Council

Millennium Walk Commemorative Trees

List of Commemorative Trees Planted on the Millennium Walk if you would like to have a commemorative Tree planted along the walk please contact the Clerk


1. The Birth of Jack Gunter 2000 2. The Birth of Baby Downes 2000 3. The Birth of Henry John Oliver 2000

4. The Higgins Family 5. The Higgins Family 6. The Higgins Family

7. The Higgins Family 8. The Life of Bernice Hill

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