News: A big thank you to all the volunteers below who have given their time and equipment to help refurbish the Chruch Street railings. When it became known that the Railings Replacement was about to take place. A small group listed below got together and decided that as the railings replacements were the only ones to be repainted.  We happy band Giles de Mare, Liz and Carl Warner, Richard and Geoffrey Stevens, David Barnett and Simon Wager.  The Duke of Somersets estate kindly arranged for David Barnett to assist with the refurbishment, this was much appreciated.    The decision was that we carry out the rest of the refurbishment of the existing railings. This was put to the Engineer for Wiltshire Council Denise Knott who very kindly arranged a supply of wire brushes, paint brushes and paint. Also agreeing that the traffic lights would remain until the work was completed .   In the meantime two of the little gang went ahead and prepared the railings as far as possible at the church end. The only area without traffic lights that it was safe to work on the railings.   The traffic lights arrived as planned and we were off! Pressure washers and scrapers to the fore. Within a day we were actively painting.       It was great working with the council engineers replacing the railings. They could not do enough for us and in fact replaced an extra stantion by the church entrance and replaced various broken bolts in that area. They also very kindly assisted with the final painting after all else was complete.   It's amazing what a small group of like minded people who care,  can do for their village and improve it. Community spirit maybe.   So we now have a smart set of railings in Church Street all painted and fresh. (Ready for the next vehicle to run into them)

Maiden Bradley with Yarnfield Parish Council
Maiden Bradley with Yarnfield Parish Council

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Wiltshire Council



Your Unitary Representative is Councillor Fleur de Rhe' Philipe Tel: 01225713111


Wiltshire Council is the Unitary Principal Authority for the area, and they are responsible for providing the following services: Highways, Planning, Refuse collection, Adult Social Care, Children's Services and Education and many more. Please use the Wiltshire Council main contact number 300 456 0100 for any issue with the above.



How to complain about a Parish Council Member

All councillors have to comply with a Code of Conduct for members. Each local authority may decide define their own Code of Conduct, but all Codes must have due regard to the following principles:








Maiden Bradley Parish Council has adopted the Wiltshire Council Code of Conduct. Wiltshire Council members have adopted the following Code of Conduct. so if you are concerned about the conduct of a parish councillor you should contact the relevant council and ask to be provided with a copy of the Code of Conduct they have adopted.

If, having read the relevant Code of Conduct, you consider that a councillor may have been in breach of their Code and you wish to complain, please go to the Wiltshire Council website and  fill in their  Members Complaints Form and either email it to or print it off and post it to:

The Monitoring Officer
Wiltshire Council
BA14 8JN

Please make it clear which council your complaint relates to, and state clearly in your complaint why you think the councillor may have breached their council’s local Code of Conduct.

When they receive your complaint the Monitoring Office will, in consultation with an Independent Person, decide what action should be taken. This decision will be taken having regard to the guidelines set out in Wiltshire Council's Local Assessment Criteria (Appendix 3 of the linked document).

They can only deal with complaints about the behaviour of a councillor when they are acting in their official capacity. They cannot deal with complaints about behaviour that is not covered by the members’ Code of Conduct for the relevant council. They will usually only be able to consider complaints made within 20 working days of the event giving rise to the complaint.

After the Monitoring Officer and the Independent Person have received your complaint and given the councillor an opportunity to respond to the issues you have raised they will contact you to let you know what action, if any, will be taken.








Your Member of Parliment

Your Local MP  is Dr Andrew Murrison Tel: 01225 358584

Your Parish Steward

The Parish Steward can only complete works listed below:


•           Hand clearing and cutting of growth from drainage grips and drain gully covers.

•           Hand clearing of blocked drainage gullies, culverts, pipes and pit3

•           Clearing storm debris from the roads and footways

•           Clearing collision debris, clinical waste etc.

•           Pedestrian barriers repairs, preparation and painting

•           Cleaning, re-installation and straightening of small road signs, street nameplates and bollards;

•           Installation of small road signs, verge marker posts and supplied street nameplates

•           Removal of limited graffiti from road signs, bollards and street nameplates

•           Hand cutting of grass and vegetation in visibility areas

•           Hand treatment of weeds in rural areas

•           Removal of Ragwort and other noxious weeds

•           Clearance of encroaching growth and soils from footways

•           Repair of minor surface defects in roads and on footways.

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