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Maiden Bradley village interpretation board: FAQs


Why did the parish council commission the village interpretation board?


The idea for creating the interpretation board or map emerged from the parish plan consultation in which there were a variety of comments about having a village map, linking the village more with significant local tourist sites, celebrating our heritage and natural environment more, and thinking of ways to bring our community together. The interpretation board is just one element in the action plan designed to respond to these suggestions.


The purpose of the interpretation board or map is to illustrate the key features and characteristics of Maiden Bradley and the surrounding landscape. The map is not meant to be to scale – it is an imagined, artistic representation of our community and environment. The map is for the residents of the village, and it is also for visitors. Most villages have an ‘interpretation board’.


How did you choose what features were included in the map?


The map includes historic or distinctive buildings in the village, as well as key features such as the community garden, church, pub, recreation ground and village hall. We also highlight the farming character of the village by identifying the four main working farms.


Given our location in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the map illustrates our ancient forests and chalk grasslands, as well as common flora and fauna, and historic landmarks.

Key markers such as the national cycle route, rights of way, and signage for local visitor attractions and towns are included to place our village in the wider area that visitors may explore while staying here.


How much did the project cost?

The total project cost was £3,673.80. The design and illustration of the map took 6 months and cost a total of £1,935 of which approximately 13% (£255) was paid as a contribution by the Maiden Bradley Estate. The printing, frame, and installation cost £1,738.80. This is a permanent investment that will enhance the character and identity of the village in the long-term.


Can the map be updated?

Yes, the map is a combination of original illustrations that are integrated into a map using design software. Over time, when changes are required, the map can be adjusted and reprinted.


Who designed the map?

The map was designed by the professional illustrator and artist Francesca Maclean.


Is the map recyclable?

The map is printed on aluminium which can be recycled.


Can I find the map online?

The map is also available on the Maiden Bradley parish council website, including in a dyslexia-friendly font.


Why is the map by the milk-station?

The interpretation board is placed at a key meeting point in the village, by the milk-station. This means it will be seen regularly by residents of the village or local area using the milk-station, including children getting milkshakes, or catching the bus to school. It will also be easily visible to visitors from further afield who stay at the pub. We are grateful to the pub and Estate for permission to place the interpretation board at this site.



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